Julian Nevin is a travel and lifestyle photographer and videographer based in Surrey, UK.

The Beginning

I first took an interest in photography when I was 15 and loved rollerblading. I used to buy a popular skate magazine called 'Unity', where I loved to view the awesome images that photographers captured of pro skaters.

A guy I knew was selling his Canon 450D, so I used my savings to buy it. I took it out every weekend to shoot photos of my friends doing tricks, which I would then edit on Adobe Photoshop (before Lightroom existed).

I decided that I wanted to take my photography to the next level and enrolled at Guildford College on the Photography NVQ course. After two years, I received my Level 3 qualification. 

My Passion

Travel has been my life since 2013, after a 1-year travel trip to 13 countries. As I've travelled more and more, my passion for lifestyle and travel photography has grown. Seeing the lives of others and experiencing different cultures, or witnessing beautiful volcanoes and landscapes has given me the drive and passion for pursuing an alternative path in my career. However, this doesn't mean that I want to stop working in the commercial industry anytime soon. 

Wedding photography is something I really enjoy. Watching other people (as creepy as that sounds) and capturing photos of people to document in a particular way, is comparable to street photography. I find that practising both street and lifestyle photography is a transferrable skill which I can use when capturing a wedding or event. I continuously look for objects or creative ways to frame and capture my subjects.

Professional Career

I'm a self-proclaimed professional photographer and videographer. If you're earning a living from it, then technically you're professional. Right? This may spark a debate.

Initially, after leaving college, I accepted a management role where I worked. I gradually fell deeper and deeper into the career loop and lost sight of becoming a professional photographer. 

In 2016, I began working for an international school portraiture company, where I had the opportunity to travel to various countries within Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The business specialises in headshots, studio photography, family photography, group photography, event photography, sports and commercial photography. It was a great way to learn a variety of photography types, that applies to everything I do professionally now.

In mid-2019, after leaving the company, I decided to utilise what I'd learnt with the company plus any private projects in between. I started a photography and videography company called 'VAST Film and Photography' with my fiancee, whom I met while working for the company.

My Future

Right now, I'm content on slowly building my portfolio. I'm fortunate enough to get clients for weddings and events which I can rely on for income, but also work around my travel lifestyle.

I've always wanted to do product shots of cars, watches and bags for professionally paid clients. The reason I like these three products is that most of the time, you can do the shoots on location and combine it with nature or travel shots. It's another goal of mine that I want to work towards over the coming years, and again I'm in no hurry. Right now, I love what I do and wouldn't want to change any aspect of it, instead grow with it.


I hope you've enjoyed learning a bit about me and my lifestyle. Please do visit my business website 'VAST Film and Photography'. Plus, follow me on Instagram to show your support.




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