South Korea, a place full of Seoul (like what I did there?). During my short experience of S.K, I discovered that the people are super friendly, it's bustling, it has cool neon lights and beautiful landscapes. Oh, and Koreans can party hard.

I spent four nights in the capital of South Korea, Seoul. I spent 2 of those days working on a photography project. Therefore I only had a short amount of time to explore the capital before visiting Jeju Island, which I planned to spend three nights on. 

I was able to meet an awesome American couple via Instagram, who lived and taught English in the capital. On my weekend off, we met started by enjoying a bottle, which quickly became 'bottles' of Soju which is the local spirit (it's delicious and is available in a variety of flavours). A few of us then headed to the main stadium, where I watched my first ever baseball game. I just so happened to be there at the same time as the fashion show, similar to London or Paris. I was able to convince the man in the booth, that I'd travelled from the UK to visit the show, to report on it for a popular magazine. It was a very cool show! Because of all of the excitement and unplanned activities, I didn't get to see much of Seoul.

Off I went to Jeju Island for three nights to meet another stranger whom I'd met online. Upon arrival, I just knew the island had lots to offer. I quickly bonded with my now lifelong friend called Sven, who's name I initially thought was Dave. This has become an ongoing joke in our friendship. 

During our limited time, we were able to explore the majority of the island by hiring a private driver on the first day, plus cycle 60km the second day. On my final day, I hiked up Mount Hallasan to the peak of the volcano.

Overall Jeju Island is a great place to visit if you have kids, want diversity in activities, sunny weather or to take some awesome pictures. South Korea is somewhere I will definitely revisit!




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